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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 233 reviews
Luisa H.

This has exceeded my expectations. I'm a regular gym goer but find it difficult to find someone to care for my toddler while I go to the gym. Now I get it done at home and it's saved me heaps of time but still gives me a great workout. Works great, feels natural and lots of great programs!

Matthew P.

The difference it has made in my daily workout life is amazing. I now have a structed routine that keeps me on target and can add anything in.

I love the programs that you can set dates, and than check on phone during the day.

The gym has also inspired my partner to start working out daily, which is great to see, as they normally lounge around.

In all had a pretty good routine already, but the routines on Speediance has on has really stepped up my game.

Abe K.

Cheaper than a gym membership and better than a personal trainer! I purchased the Gym Monster July of 2023 in lieu of maintaining a personal trainer. I struggle with gyms and have only ever achieved results when I use a PT. The Gym Monster has delivered on my expectations with a huge selection of curated programs and the ability to create an endless set of programs from the extensive list of workouts. I now work with my exercise physiologist to tailor programs to my specific needs and goals. Right now, I'm recovering from an accident and the Gym Monster is serving as my primary rehabilitation tool. I'm delighted that there is a consistent cadence of upgrades and improvements to the interface. Very happy with this investment in my health!

Daniel I.

What a game changer!! The gym monster is a must have for home gyms, each day I wake up and can’t wait to do the pre programmed workout schedule!! I love the versatility and ease of use. With Apple Watch connectivity, and Controller ring you are in total control. I love how it keeps the weight data on each exercise automatically saved. Increasing the weights is a simple turn on the ring, and the next set has the new saved weight, it’s so easy. Along with the strength assessment the gym monster has you covered. It’s extremely well made, and the Australian support arm service is second to none. I am looking forward too many years of use. Definitely worth the investment!! Well done Speediance!!

John R.

The Speediance Gym Monster truly revolutionises compact home gyms. Its guided workouts are a godsend for beginners. We all know that finding space for home workouts can be a real headache, but Speediance's ingenious design is the answer. The workout platform effortlessly folds into the framework, maximising space. Setup is a breeze – just plug it in, and you're ready for countless workout options.

And, don't even get me started on the companion app! It's a game-changer for tracking progress and crafting personalised workouts. This app has your back for all things fitness, ensuring you're always geared up for an awesome workout session. Say farewell to space constraints and welcome your new workout companion!

I'm absolutely thrilled with my purchase. It's hands down the best investment I've made in my health, even later in life. I wholeheartedly recommend this gem.

Linda v.L.
Amazing tool

Great way to workout at home!

john S.
Gym monster

Its totalt awsome!

Rishani M.

Versatile ❤️

Angie K.

I love this machine so much, I was so excited to receive it and its lived up to all my expectations.

I love that i can work out in the comfort of my own home in my pajamas.

And my daughters and husband love it too! We have all cancelled out gym memberships.

Sammy R.N.

Was nervous about getting this Gym but it is the best bit of gym equipment I have ever used, Love the machine and the constant updates when we give them feedback. Wouldnt be able to go back to normal gym gear again, I really hope this thing holds up! I love it!!!!