Our Outstanding Warranty Promise:

  • Full 2-Year Coverage: We back every machine with a robust 2-year warranty, underscoring our unwavering belief in its quality.
  • Immediate Replacement: Encounter an issue within the first 7 days of your machine’s arrival? We’re on it! We’ll promptly send you a brand-new replacement.
  • Expert Repairs: Post the initial 7 days but within the warranty period, our adept technician is at your service for repairs. If a fix isn’t feasible on-site, we’re replacing the entire machine for you. For those residing in remote areas, we will strive to send a technician to you. However, if the remoteness of your location makes this impractical, we can also provide alternative solutions, or you may need to visit a metropolitan area for any necessary repairs.
  • A Machine Like No Other: Our fitness equipment is in a league of its own. User-friendly and ultra-reliable, it trumps traditional gym machines with its innovative design. Fewer moving parts mean reduced wear and tear. And our robust motors? They're designed for an impressive 10,000-hour service life. That translates to uninterrupted 1-hour workouts every single day for the next twenty years!
  • Self-Service Simplified: Our detailed video tutorials demystify self-servicing. And once out of warranty, we still have your back with parts offered at cost. Prefer professional servicing? Our official service center and expert technicians are always ready to assist.
  • Innovative Features: Our machine’s ability to swiftly adjust weights from 100kg down to 0kg is unparalleled. And here’s the clincher: if you accidentally drop the weight, our machine adjusts in real-time, ensuring minimal wear and standing out as a testament to its superior design.